Albino Animals - Mammals (part 3)

Rodents & Insectivores


by Grandpa Cliff     Jan 29, 2006



Albino Eastern Gray Squirrel in Texas



There are 7 webpages about albinos on Grandpa Cliff's Science Website for Teenagers.  

    Introduction  - gives facts about albinos, and contains a list of all photos of albinos on this website

    Mammals - part 1  Primates & Hoofed Animals

    Mammals - part 2  Carnivores

    Mammals - part 3  Rodents & Insectivores  [this webpage]

    Mammals - part 4  (miscellaneous) 


    Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians



Read the Introduction webpage first if you want to better understand what is shown in the photos below.  




Photos of the following albino mammals can be found below.  They are grouped in families of closely related animals rather than alphabetically.


Mammals (part 3)


ORDER:  Rodentia

    Family: Muridae



    Family: Sciuridae



        Prairie Dog

    Family: Castoridae


    Family Hystricidae  (Old World Porcupines)



ORDER:  Insectivora

    Family: Soricidae


     Family: Erinaceidae

        Hedgehog  (2)






Albino Himalayan Rat




House Mouse (laboratory mouse) with pink eyes, nose, tail and feet; white fur.




Albino Eastern Gray Squirrel in Texas




Chipmunk in Ohio




Prairie Dog



Beaver.  A stuffed specimen.




Asian Porcupines




An Insectivore.

The Short-tailed Shrew mainly lives underground in the dark.  

It doesn't have much use for eyes, so they are quite small.  It

can dig its own burrows, but sometimes uses the burrows of 

other animals like moles.  It is carnivorous, eating worms, 

insects (including grubs), etc.  It will even eat dead mice that 

have been caught in traps.  It's normal color is very dark gray.








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