Albino Animals - Mammals (part 2)



by Grandpa Cliff     Jan 29, 2006  revised July 17, 2006



       There are 7 webpages about albinos on Grandpa Cliff's Science Website for Teenagers.  

    Introduction  - gives facts about albinos, and contains a list of all photos of albinos on this website

    Mammals - part 1  Primates & Hoofed Animals

    Mammals - part 2  Carnivores  [this webpage]

    Mammals - part 3  Rodents & Insectivores

    Mammals - part 4  (miscellaneous) 


    Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians



Read the Introduction webpage first if you want to better understand what is shown in the photos below.  




Photos of the following albino mammals can be found below.  They are grouped in families of closely related animals rather than alphabetically.


Mammals (part 2, Carnivores)


ORDER:  Carnivora

    Family: Ursidae


    Family: Canidae



    Family: Felidae


        Lion  (2)

        Tiger  (2)

    Family: Mephitidae


    Family: Procyonidae


    Family: Mustelidae






Black bear with a partially albino cub




Albino Doberman Pinscher with one of normal coloration




An albino Dingo, a wild dog of Australia and Southeast Asia




Bengal cats



[S     [S]

An adult male lion and a young lion



[S     [S]

Adult and baby Bengal Tigers.  The adult albino lacks even the black stripes.

Notice that the color of the eyes is different for the two adults.





Albino Skunk




Albino Raccoon




Albino Ferret




All photos and diagrams that appear on this webpage are used for educational, non-commercial purposes as allowed by the Fair Use doctrine.  [S] is a link to the source of the image.

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